Free Cusco tour.

It is the rainy season until middle April, always bring a rain jacket!

We are willing to walk with you focused on history, architecture, art, local lifestyle of this unique city passing by Plaza de Armas” (Main Square), Inca time map of Cusco city, the Cathedral,Daughters of the Sun’s houseAndean musician (only in the morning), alpaca and llama selfies,Sun temple, the best Inca stone wallsInca neighborhood of Cusicancha12-angled stone, and we end at San Blas neighborhood with an impressive panoramic view of Cusco city!

Jose Martinez (founder of Free Walking Tour Cusco) was born in Cusco city, so he decided to offer “free walking tours in Cusco” after he heard accidentally other walking tour guides not giving a true story about the millennial Cusco city, so walking with him you will hear a local explanation about the capital of the Inca society!

Nowadays, we are a team of 4 authorized tour guides.
We try to sight as many as Cusco sites we could in only 2 hours!

There are other teams claiming as ours and talking bad about us, please do not get confused:
We show up on time by KFC, we mean every day at 9.50 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm wearing a red T-shirt with the logo of: 
“Free Walking Tour Cusco”.
Also at 8:00 am, and 6:00 pm but strictly on request!

We start the walking tour no later than 10 minutes from our schedules!
Highly recommended to get the best Cusco sights!
We started on August, 1st 2016!
No entrance fee is needed, we just walk by important Cusco sights!